Airlie Beach

Time of Year: October- November 2019

Places I stayed: Nomads Airlie Beach

Things I did: Atlantic Clipper Whitsundays

My trip to Airlie Beach was pretty short but so worth it. I went here for my birthday and to go on a party boat to Whitsundays. I stayed at the Nomads Airlie Beach which had a very chill camping vibe. You are able to stay in a room or rent a space to camp out or stay in your car. There is a main strip which has lots of bars and resturants and little stores. I decided to go to the grocery store there and grab some essentials before the boat. I also went to the main beach where they have a little pool to cool off since the water is filled with Man O War Jellyfish so it is very dangerous.

The boat I decided to go on was called the Atlantic Clipper. It is a 2 day, 2 night tour which is kind of pricey, Australia in itself is a little pricey, however was so worth the money.

While walking to the boat, its about a 15 minutes walk, I met a girl form Ireland named Michelle who I became best friends with instantly, I even still talk to her today. The boat is BYOB and they have drinks you can buy on the boat for mixers or if you simply wanted a can of soda. They prepared us a breakfast, lunch and dinner along with providing tons of fun all night long. The cabins you share are very tiny so be prepared however you dont sleep much. They take you for a walking tour of Whiteusndays and then you are able to suit up (for jellyfish caution) to go snorkleing and to jump off the boat if you would like. It was about 30 other people on the boat with us and everyone was so excited, energetic and fun. There was a hottub on the boat and a DJ. The crew members all dressed up with us and partied as well.

Friends from the boat
Michelle and I

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  1. Looking good. Somewhere do yo mention that you are a college grad of sociology and…? And you have a fluent knowledge of French and sign language? 💕

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