Time of Year: October-November 2019

Hostels: Bunk Brisbane, Nomads Brisbane

Highlights: Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, South Bank, Brisbane River

My first stop in Australia was Brisbane. I originally did not even plan to visit Australia on this trip but was convinced to go here rather than India for my birthday and Halloween. I met so many people in Australia that i still talk to today. Its a place where i felt most at home and could see myself living here in the future. With that being said… here are all the fun things that you can do as well to accentuate your time there.

Starting out the hostels I stayed at. These were some of the best hostels i’ve ever stayed at. I had so much fun I actually extended my 5 day stay by two more days at Bunk Brisbane. They have a bar and restaurant next to the hotel where they host game nights. I won beer pong both times I played and my partners were random people I met just staying at the hostel! We all wound up becoming a little group and would go out to some of the other bars and restaurants. If you wanted to keep eating cheap, they had a separate kitchen area in the hostel where you can cook meals and store stuff in the fridges. While I was here, it was close to a lot of little pop up art shows, amazing local eateries and bars/clubs. Some os the stuff I did was the:

Friends I met at Bunk Brisbane
Mad Burger Fortitude Valley Near Bunk Brisbane

South Bank: I took the local bus to this make-shift beach where they had tons of little pop up vendors. You were able to walk along the Brisbane River to a ferris wheel where there are usually live performers. This is definitely a place you could go for an afternoon on the weekend and have an amazing, chill time.

After traveling to Surfers Paradise and Airlie Beach, I arrived back in Brisbane for the night of my birthday. I stayed at Noamds Brisbane. The hostel was very nice except i had to go downstairs to charge my phone because the outlets inthe room were taken to make sure you have aprotable charger. The beds were very squeaky and seemed easily breakable. I wouldnt stay there for mroe than a day or two but a decent place to rest your head for the night.

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