The easiest and cheapest way to book a flight is when you are able to be flexible. Now I now that may not be an option for everyone so I am here to show you the best way to book flexible and non flexible trips. My two favorite ways to book flights are through Google Flights and Thrifty Traveller. Below I talk about them in depth and provide information regarding them.

Goggle Flights:

Flexible Trips

Head over to Select Roundtrip or one way whichever you prefer, the number of passengers and the seat class you prefer. If you are closer to multiple airports, I would select all of those airports to depart from and to return to. For example, if you live near JFK and that is your usual airport, try Laguardia, JFK, Newark or even Philadelphia-prices can shift drastically sometimes and it may be worth the little bit extra of a drive (Theres an option where it will show you the nearby airports as well). Next, choose your destination. If you do not have a specific destination in mind, you can leave it blank and it will show you the prices of flights from your departing airport to anywhere in the world-MY FAVORITE. This is where the felixiblity part is important. Once you enter all the data, you can select search and then click ‘price graph’. This shows you the prices of your exact flight previously and if the price is currently high, average, or low. Another thing you can do is to click on the date and all of the prices of the entire month show up-which is where prices could be way lower on a monday rather than flying on a saturday.

***If you want to get more bang fo your buck-and have the time- try to do an extended layover, usually the flights are cheaper and if you get a layover during the day. You may be able to go explore a new city in another country for a cheaper priced ticket!****

Non-Flexible Trips

Do the exact same thing as mentioned above but you will need to enter the exact airport and the exact depart and return date you need. Do not just book the flight right then and there, check throughout the week and check the price graph on Google Flights, book when it is lowest.

***Another cool feature of google flights is at the bottom you can select the currency you would like the flights to be shown in automatically.***

Thrifty Traveller :

I signed up for this about a year ago and I am shocked I did not know of it sooner. This is more than just a flight booking website-it provides so much information regarding traveling, credit cards for scoring points-which I HIGHLY recommend you check out, and a beginner’s guide to traveling as well. This does require an annual fee for premium but it is worth EVERY PENNY. You can select which airports to fly out of and if you only want international or domestic flights. It is $45 a year which gets you personalized emails sent to you daily with insane flight deals, domestic and international, economy and business class, and a direct community of people doing the same thing as you!

If you are not a fan of these options and would like to search using other means, I would try Skyscanner or Cheap-O-Air-however be careful booking with third parties as sometimes these have hidden fees and/or are nonrefundable.

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