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About Me

I am 25 years old from New Jersey. l graduated from Stockton University with a Sociology/Anthropology Degree with a minor in Global Studies. I started traveling in 2015 with my Aunt Pat to France. This was the first time I was out of the country without my parents, I fell in love with it. After that, my traveling exploded. I began with my first trip to Asia in 2016 to Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia at 19….ALONE. It was everything I ever dreamed. From there the world was mine, literally.

Since then, I have traveled to 29 countries and 6/7 of the continents, most on my own. Learning cultures, picking up languages along the way, and experiencing once in a lifetime things gives me life. I thrive off of it, the unknown. Some countries I have traveled for fun, others for school, some for volunteering but either way I love it all. I have spent a lot of holidays abroad as well as the past 5 New Years Eves!

Follow me on this blog or through my instagram as my adventures continue. I will also be sharing my tips and trips for traveling cheap and the best itineraries to do in these countries. 

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For ease, I listed the countries and other places I have travelled to by continents. Please click on the buttons per country or location to view my own experiences and suggestions. Happy traveling. (The buttons that are filled in are the blogs that are currently posted)

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