Gold Coast

Time of Year: October 2019

Hostel: BUNK Surfers Paradise

Places I visited: Surfers Paradise

Highlights: Beach, Sky point Observation Deck, Infinity Attraction, BeachfrontMarkets, Cavill Street

I stayed here for a few days before heading to Airlie Beach. The hostel I stayed in had a cute little pool deck where tanning was super comfortable and chill. The hostel also had a bar next to it where they had game nights that turned crazy. The beds were extremely comfy and spacious. I met someone on the bus ride there who happened to be in the room next door. We met another girl and wound up exploring the town together.

Sushi Burrito from place next to hostel

We first started at the Skypoint Observation Deck. It is a gorgeous 360 unobstructed view of the Gold Coast. They also provide the option to scale this insanely tall building, if you’re crazy enough! If you go during the day and keep your ticket, you can also go again at night like we did. Then, we went to the Infinity Attraction which feels like you’re on every drug known to man. It is a thrilling, creepy, exciting place like no other. You walk through themed rooms where you have to find the mystery entrance to the next room. I highly recommend doing this! At night, we all took a stroll down to the beach where there are hundreds of little pop up markets as well as the restaurants, shops, and street preformers around Cavill Street.

SkyTower during the day
Skytower at Night

When all else fails, there is always the gorgeous, spacious beach here you can relax and soak up the rays. I highly recommend spending a few days here as it is a relaxing, fun part of the Gold Coast!

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