Galapagos Island

Our first stop from Guayaquil to Galapagos Island was San Cristobal. We tried to get our bearings here, walked around, explored, and met the million seals (my favorite animal) that lined the beaches of Playa de Oro. We then got a taxi to a beach that was in the middle of nowhere off a very long road. We only stayed here for a few days before heading to Santa Cruz by boat.

In Santz Cruz, we met up with a few friends that we met in Ecuador. Christy and I went one day to Tortuga Bay Beach that had the WHITEST sand and the largest lizards roaming freely. They are very strict here and you have to sign ourself in with the gate keeper and pay a fee before entering. Then we took another boat trip where we toured Isabel on the lava rocks, snorkeled, saw the legendary blue footed boobies, and penguins. We then took a boat to Baltra where we flew out of. The Galapagos was not as developed as I expected and they try to provide a good deal of tourism without affecting too much of the wildlife which was pretty cool. I highly recommend going there!

Lava rocks

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