South Korea

Time of year: October 2019

Places I Visited: Seoul, Itaewon

Hostels: Itaewon N Guest House, 24 Guesthouse Itaewon

Highlights: Mosques, Seoul Tower, Gyeongidan Street, Sungnyemun Gate

~the unexpected trip~

If you read my other post about china, you would know that I had to fly to South Korea to leave China unexpectedly. However, I tried to make the most of my trip. My few days in South Korea:

I booked both of these hotels last minute, if you choose to stay at either I will inform you that both can be hard to find. At Itaewon N Guest House, it is located off the main road at the end. For 24 Guesthouse Itaewon, it is up the stairs to the right off the main road, hidden very far back with a gate. Both were nice accommodations however, I booked the first one that same night and they did not have any availability for the following day, leaving me homeless to where I had 30 minutes to find another hostel that had vacancy during a holiday. I finally found a new place where I dropped my bags and went out for the day. Since I had no clue what I was going to do with the next few days in South Korea, I met a guy at the hostel who only spoke Arabic or French that was kind enough to show me around. He was Muslim, and ironically we were located in a popular Muslim part of Seoul, so he took me to a few mosques off of Usadan-ro 10-gil and taught me a bit about his culture. We then ate at a small hole in the wall place off of Itaewon-ro 27ga-gil. We walked around near the Sungnyemun Gate that had a lot of outdoor shops and vendors.

The next day I walked around the city until I found the Seoul Tower that I could walk up to (Be prepared…it is a HIKE and can get very steep). They had a little cafe and you can go to the top and walk around the entire building. Then I walked around Gyeongidan Street that had a lot of shops and food places. I wish I had more time in South Korea and it was a bit more planned but was still a great experience.

Seoul Tower

View from top of Seoul Tower
Gyeongidan Street

Sungnyemun Gate

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