Time of Year: January 2019

Places I Visited: Zurich

One of my biggest travel hacks is taking advantage of the extra-long layovers to explore a new country (like a two for one deal). Unfortunately, this does mean limited time to see the vast country but gives you a sneak peek of what you can look forward to when you go back.

I was only able to see Zurich for a few hours on our way to Italy. My boyfriend at the time and I took a train- which was very confusing, so make sure you know where you would like to go prior- to District 1 that a local instructed us to go. It was cold, rainy, and EVERYTHING was closed. So we decided to roam around and see the different shops you were potentially able to go to. During our walk, we did not realize that the trains shut down at a specific time. We had to run back and grab the last train, to make it back to the airport. Luckily, we made it in time. Even though it’s not the most luxurious, we slept in the airport (AKA free accommodation!!!) In some airports you may find sleeping pods or rooms to rent, we slept on the chairs that you could lay down in.

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