Thailands’ Culture

Thailands’ Culture is based a lot on respect and rules. Although this list may seem like a lot, its better to know too much than not enough. Some of these bullet points are more for your knowledge so you understsand Thailand as a whole before traveling.

-Most homes will have a Grandmother and Grandfather offering place inside or outside the home. This is for paying respect on certain holidays to their ancestors and protectors of their house. 

– Sadly, puppies pass away a lot in the village due to a lack of vaccinations. This is just a cultural norm as the government and city cannot provide assistance and resources to aid the problem.

– Commonly referred to as Thai time, time has very little meaning here. 

-I would bring some electrolyte packets since it gets super hot and humid some times and make sure to drink plenty of water.

-There is no malaria in Thailand but I would recommend bringing a mosquito repellent with at least 40% or more of deet .

-Watch your alcohol intake and getting too drunk when you’re out alone, make sure you are sober enough to understand how to get home safely if you’re going to drink, and also do not be obnoxiously drunk in public.

-You may experience Thai tummy or Bangkok belly, just drink plenty of fluid, it may just be a sickness for a few days because of jet lag and a change in your diet along with the weather. Just to be safe, make sure to have travel insurance, in case a doctor is necessary. 

-There is an ice cream truck that comes by in the village that scoops fresh coconut ice cream but adds a twist as it comes on a hot dog bun with sticky rice. 

-Do not shower off soles of your feet, don’t step over people sitting on the floor, don’t point at anything with your toe, don’t litter or drop cigarettes on ground-even if the ground is dirty.

-Be respectful at temples, wear appropriate attire to temples, always bring a sarong, and do not disrespect Buddhism, Buddha, or the temple. Appropriate attire includes, knees, shoulders, and stomach covered for both men and women, and no shoes worn inside .

-When bargaining, be polite about it and always smile.

-Do not touch Thai people on the head as it is a sacred part of the human body.

-Ask before taking pictures of people and or things people are selling, you may have to pay sometimes.

-Thai language: Try to learn a few phrases before going, a simple google or youtube search would do the trick. Just know that if you are a male or female, some words are different for you to say. For example ( SA WAT DEE KA) the KA is if you are a female speaking, for a male it would be (SA WAT DEE KAP). Even if you mess up, they really appreciate you trying to speak Thai instead of English, and sometimes they may help you learn the proper way.

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